Gabriela Cora, MD, DFAPA, MHA, MBA. Board Certified Psychiatrist since 1998.

FAA/HIMS Certified Psychiatrist since 2015.

Licensed in the states of Florida, New York, New Hampshire and Louisiana 



Dr. Cora will conduct your evaluation as per referral from the FAA, HIMS, your airline, or through a recommendation from your AME/IMS. She always advises pilots to have their AME or Senior AME prior to seeing her for an evaluation. 


HIMS evaluations include a multi-disciplinary approach with thorough interviews with you, family members, co-workers, leaders, treatment providers and additional individuals on an as-needed basis. The evaluation includes your interview in addition to the examination of medical, psychiatric, psychological, administrative or other records to make a written recommendation regarding your fitness for duty and ability to go back to work. The process may take a day to several days depending on the availability of all required documents to make a final recommendation. Please note that in addition to the depth of work in bringing together the evaluation, the recommendation comes with a profound degree of responsibility as Dr. Cora assesses your capability of going back to work in addition to public safety when giving her recommendation regarding your fitness for duty.


Once you have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Cora, please send all documents via secure email or fax prior to your evaluation inlcuding:

  • Blue Ribbon File
  • Aftercare reports
  • Pilot Monitoring Reports
  • Psychiatric Reports, including any hospitalization or private psychiatric and psychological documentation
  • CogScreen or NeuroPsychological Testing, if available


Office Hours: Scheduled at a mutually convenient time. The initial assessment takes a minimum of two hours. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here. 



Direct Payment to Dr. Corá is expected at the time of the initial assessment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Dr. Cora does not participate in any insurance network for this consultative work.


HIMS EVALUATION: $5,000 - All initial evaluations are conducted in person.

This fee includes face-to-face meeting, evaluation of all additional supporting documents, interaction with other doctors involved in the case, pilot monitors, and/or family members, as needed in each case. 


MIAMI OFFICE: 8101 Biscayne Boulevard, Loft 516, Miami, FL 33138. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here. 

Fill the following forms and bring with you for your first appointment:



MIA Miami International Airport 

FLL Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport 

PBI Palm Beach International Airport 


MIAMI OFFICE: 8101 Biscayne Boulevard, Loft 516, Miami, FL 33138. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment with Dr. Gaby Cora or contact us by clicking here.



Dr. Cora works closely with a team of expert Aerospace professionals. Depending on each case, she may refer cases to cross-collaborate with these professionals or they may refer pilots for Dr. Cora's expert evaluation prior to submitting to FAA or HIMS program. Pilots are free to go to any AME, psychiatrist or neuropsychologist unless stipulated otherwise by the FAA. 


PSYCHOLOGY: CogScreen and Neuropsychological Testing

Cecilia T. Deidan, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychology, HIMS Certified
12565 Orange Drive
Suite 411
Davie, FL 33330 
Office: 954-266-8037




Fred A. Furgang, MD
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For an appointment, contact Dr. Gaby Cora at Executive Wellness, Inc. in Miami
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