Relaxation and Regression Therapy


Are you experiencing trouble relaxing and finding your center? Do you feel stuck in past experiences that hold you back from manifesting your higher self? Join us in our RELAXATION & REGRESSION groups for a lifetime experience.

Dr. Corá first trained in hypnosis in the eighties. Her mentors have been doctors Bill Daniels (hypnosis technique and progressive relaxation) and Brian Weiss (relaxation and past-life regression therapy). Through the years and with experience she has developed her own style in integrating the Healing Arts. Dr. Corá conducts initial visits the same way she would for an individual consultation. During this time, we will discuss your need for a consultation as well as physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual experiences that may both be helping you or contributing to your challenges. This process will help us better understand you as a person and design a working plan that will hopefully assist you in your recovery and wellbeing. By the end of this evaluation process, we will discuss potential interventions to assist you, which may include one or a combination of:

  • Psychotherapy (including hypnosis, coaching, and cognitive-behavioral strategies),

  • Psychopharmacology (medication therapy), and

  • Healthy Lifestyle Strategies (including The Four Pillars of Biological Health: nutrition, sleep, exercise, and relaxation strategies).

If regression therapy is suggested, we may perform an initial relaxation exercise so that you can start practicing at home prior to the regression session. The initial evaluation and the relaxation exercise may take around two hours. In general, if regression therapy is appropriate, Dr. Corá usually suggests a series of two sessions of two hours each. These sessions may be scheduled within a week (particularly if traveling from abroad) or on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in getting started prior to the visit, consider downloading Quantum Wellbeing: The Core and Quantum Wellbeing: Past Experiences. Quantum Wellbeing is available via MP3 download or MP3/CD combo at: Quantum Wellbeing


"Dr. Gaby Cora is a very special practitioner. Extremely well-trained and insightful, she is able to bring together a keen intellect, spiritual sensitivity and a pragmatism that allow her to see and solve problems quickly and with accuracy. She has helped me over the years heal the experiences and feelings that were impeding my personal and professional growth. I am greatly indebted to her for the very successful, happy state she has helped me attain."

Anonymous - working together for close to ten years

  • Initial Individual Assessment & Consultation:
    This evaluation includes:
    • The exploration of all aspects of your physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health
    • The exploration of how past, present, and potential future intertwine, as aligned with our actions
    • The creation of a comprehensive plan to maximize your well-being
    • MP3: Quantum Wellbeing: The Core (MP3)
    • A summary of recommendations in Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology, and Healthy Lifestyle Strategies 
    • Three day consultation and follow-up relaxation and regression exercises within one week 

Office Hours: Scheduled at a mutually convenient time. The initial assessment takes a minimum of two hours. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here.


Direct payment to Dr. Corá is expected at the time of the initial assessment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Dr. Corá does not participate in any insurance network for this work. All appointments are scheduled by calling 305-762-7632 or by contacting us by clicking here.

Initial calls to set-up an appointment are free of charge. Dr. Corá will give you her full attention during your initial evaluation. She is unable to speak with prospective patients about their life situations as this would give her only a brief snapshot of your situation instead of taking the time to do a comprehensive assessment with the proper recommendations.

MIAMI OFFICE: Address: 8101 Biscayne Boulevard, Loft 516, Miami, FL 33138. Parking is available in the rear. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here.

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