Relaxation and Regression Therapy


Dr. Cora is no longer taking patients at this time.

Dr. Corá first trained in hypnosis in the eighties. Her mentors have been doctors Bill Daniels (hypnosis technique and progressive relaxation) and Brian Weiss (relaxation and past-life regression therapy). Through the years and with experience she has developed her own style in integrating the Healing Arts.


"Dr. Gaby Cora is a very special practitioner. Extremely well-trained and insightful, she is able to bring together a keen intellect, spiritual sensitivity and a pragmatism that allow her to see and solve problems quickly and with accuracy. She has helped me over the years heal the experiences and feelings that were impeding my personal and professional growth. I am greatly indebted to her for the very successful, happy state she has helped me attain."

Anonymous - worked together for twenty years

MYSTIC ACCORD WORKSHOPS: Overcome your fear and let go of the past. Be at peace and succeed now.

For an appointment, contact Dr. Gaby Cora at Executive Wellness, Inc. in Miami
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TEL 305-762-7632


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