Dr. Gaby's Take: Make Life Interesting


Dr. Gaby is curious about people, life, and just about everything. She's been interviewing people for over twenty years as a part of her profession. Dr. Gaby frames her perspective by combining expert opinion and intuitive empathy as she interviews special guests on a wide range of topics. Her shows always end with a reflection of the lessons learned and increased self-awareness. Shows are in English and Spanish.

Testimonial as TV Talent & Consultant:
“Dr. Gaby has been a tremendous content resource for The Balancing Act. She not only provides our viewers with incredible Health & Wellness insights she does so in a professional yet approachable way that viewers truly respond to. Whether working with Dr. Gaby in front of the camera as an on camera expert or behind the scene's as a consultant, she is a valuable asset and wonderful contributor to The Balancing Act. Not to mention a true delight to work with!”
--Steve Berlowski, Executive V.P. of Production "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime Television





● Dr. Gaby has been a regular expert guest on national television: FOX, CNN, & Lifetime (English) Telemundo & Univision (Spanish) since 1995.
● Bradley Communications: Steve Harrison's Quantum Leap & Speakers' Program with Jack Canfield.
● Wellbeing Mindset expert on Mission Makeover, Season II & Health & Wellness Makeover, Season I on Balancing Act, Lifetime Television.
● Co-host of DC-based show Let's Talk About Health (Hablemos de Salud) from '95-'99. She helped fund the show through grants and participated in fund-raising TV events for public channels in addition to assisting health-related campaigns.
● Host: Dr. Gaby's Take: Make Life Interesting @ http://www.DrGabyCora.TV
● APA Host, ‪#YourMH Chat every other Friday at 12 pm ET hosted by ‪@drgabycora ‪@APAPsychiatric
● Subscribe to watch Dr. Gaby's Tip of the Week at http://www.YouTube.com/DrGabyCora

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