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Are you a successful executive, professional, or entrepreneur who has it all and yet, you feel stressed, burnt-out, disconnected from your loved ones, anxious, or depressed? Dr. Corá works with leaders who need to hit the ground running. Why Integrative Psychiatry? Dr. Corá helps people as a whole person and across dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual. Did you know? Only about 10% of American Psychiatrists offer a combination of Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology. In addition to this combination, Dr. Corá is one of a handful of psychiatrists who also offers effective lifestyle strategies to help people optimize their performance, productivity, quality of life, and overall sense of well-being. She provides plenty of tips and strategies to avoid burnout and improve wellness in her book:

ExecutiveHealth.com's Leading Under Pressure®: Strategies to Avoid Burnout, Increase Energy, and Improve Your Well-Being(Career Press, 2010.) She donates 100% of book royalties to Save the Children.


The Wall Street Journal

The strategies and information presented in Leading Under Pressure® have become a leading source for media outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal article, "When the CEO Burns Out." The recent article quoted Dr. Corá as an expert on the topic and included a quiz from Leading Under Pressure®, designed to help leaders determine if they're at a risk of burning out at work.




  • Life-Work imbalance: Leading Under Pressure® and Managing Work in Life®
  • Feeling disconnected with loved ones. Strained relationships.
  • Negative cycle: overstressed during the day with difficulty relaxing or sleeping at night: taking too much coffee or stimulants during the day with alcohol or hypnotics to sleep at night. Struggle eating well or keeping up with exercise.
  • Lack of purpose in life or lack of peace of mind.
  • Medical problems with stress trigger including:
    • High Blood Pressure: new onset or having trouble controlling high blood pressure.
    • Recurrent gastric problems.
    • Recent visit to the Emergency Room thinking you were having a heart attack and had a panic attack instead.
  • Mood Disorders including:
    • Depression
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
    • Perimenopause
  • Anxiety Disorders including:
    • Panic Disorder
    • Phobias (i.e.: social phobia, fear of public speaking, fear of flying)
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Stress Management
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Botox for DepressionDermatologist Eric Finzi, MD, PhD, teamed up with psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, MD, who described Seasonal Affective Disorder and developed light therapy as treatment for this condition to find that there may be some direct feedback between the facial frown muscles and the depression center of the brain. Hypothetically, if you can prevent the negative signals from happening when someone frowns the brain may interpret this as meaning that things are better. The results of the largest study "Treatment of depression with onabotulinumtoxinA: A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial" was published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, Volume 52 (May 2014). The researchers found that 52% of subjects suffering from moderate to severe depression showed relief from depression after injection of Botox to the glabellar area between the eyes, compared with only 15% of those who received the saline placebo. In addition to this direct effect in the brain, I believe people interact differently toward us if we seem relaxed as compared to being perceived as sad, worried, or angry.

Dr. Corá offers private consultations, individual assessments, follow-up therapy sessions, and executive mental health evaluations. Sessions are engaging, intense and dynamic. Upon your initial visit, you will feel energized, hopeful, and with a clear plan of action. Appointments can be made by calling 305-762-7632 and they are held at her Miami office at 8101 Biscayne Boulevard, Loft 516, Miami, FL 33138. Free parking is available in the rear.


TESTIMONIAL: "Ode to Gaby"
"As a busy, compressed, overburdened, stressed executive, I was in need of finding new pathways under which to live. As we all know, this quest is quite difficult and frankly, a lot of times unattainable. For what one needs, is to have a "co-pilot" to help him navigate the tricky waters and byways of one's life and this is what Gaby brought to me. Gaby is a "co-pilot" for the rejuvenation of one's life and to a pathway for healthy living. She brings a multitude of talents and professionalism to her efforts as well as insightful shrewdness of understanding the course needed to be taken by you. She is a true student of her profession and in her beliefs, as she is always on the "cutting edge" in her thinking. I could not give her a more hearty endorsement."
Anonymous - Dr. Gaby has been his "co-pilot" for ten years (she maintains 100% confidentiality with her patients)







  • One-Time Executive Wellness Consultation, Psychiatry Assessment & Initial Consultation: $1,000 (In person)
  • Follow-up: $1,000 in person or via TeleHealth
  • Botox for Depression: $500 - Botox application to Glabellar area (Procerus and Corrugator muscles) - Need initial consultation first.


Dr. Corá spends about two hours for initial appointments and most people describe feeling better after that first session. Follow-up appointments are preferably scheduled for close to two hours. Some people want to come weekly initially and Dr. Corá spaces the visits after the reason for the visit is resolved or managed. This initial evaluation includes:


  • Leading Under Pressure® and Managing Work in Life® Assessment
  • The exploration of all aspects of your individual physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health
  • The exploration of all aspects of your organizational physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health
  • The creation of a comprehensive plan to align your individual and organizational goals to maximize your well-being
  • Dr. Corá also suggests you purchase her book, the ExecutiveHealth.com's Leading Under Pressure®: Strategies to Avoid Burnout, Increase Energy, and Improve Your Well-Being , available at all bookstores. 100% of her book royalties go to Save The Children.

How often should I expect to come?: Dr. Corá strives for brief, dynamic and energized interactions with a comprehensive plan that works. The more you are able to do things on your own, the less often you will need to see Dr. Corá. Dr. Corá's forte is to work with people so that they become active participants in their health and well-being: she gives you the tools to help yourself. Many people come once for a thorough assessment. Others continue to come for years as they say Dr. Corá's guidance is key to their continued success and well-being. Dr. Corá's patients say she helps them resolve challenges on a different level and continue to appreciate the confidential nature and deep trust of the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Corá helps you take advantage of your first momentum, as you invest your energy, effort and money to be well. Once you feel you have reached your desired level of success, you will decide how often you want to come back or even if you need to come back at all. Dr. Corá suggests everyone who is actively working on achieving their next level to come in at least once a month to maximize the benefits of the visits.

Office Hours: Scheduled at a mutually convenient time. The initial assessment takes a minimum of two hours. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here.

Direct payment to Dr. Corá is expected at the time of the initial assessment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Dr. Corá does not participate in any insurance network for this work. You may want to contact your insurance carrier and inquire about how much and when you may be reimbursed for your visit. Dr. Corá will provide you with the appropriate invoice so you may submit and receive reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Please note, your coverage is unique to you and your employer, so check with your insurance prior to coming in if you'd like to be reimbursed. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here.

Initial calls to set-up an appointment are free of charge. Dr. Corá will give you her full attention during your initial assessment. She is unable to speak with prospective patients or clients about their life situations as this would give her only a brief snapshot of your situation instead of taking the time to do a comprehensive assessment with the proper recommendations.

Fill the following forms and bring with you for your first appointment:

MIAMI OFFICE: 8101 Biscayne Boulevard, Loft 516, Miami, FL 33138. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here.


Are you a successful executive on the go most of the time and still you still need a session with your trusted physician to keep your sanity?

Dr. Cora works with busy leaders who want to continue their care with their doctor while traveling the world. She has used TeleHealth and TeleMedicine for many years as many of her patients--or clients in her executive leadership coaching practice--travel often or even live abroad at times. As a physician and surgeon, Dr. Corá is licensed in the State of Florida--and soon to be licensed in her native State of New York. While there are medical practice restrictions per state, inquire with her about executive leadership coaching if you need more of the coaching rather than the psychotherapy or medication follow-ups.

Dr. Cora suggests an initial face-to-face visit (nothing beats the face-to-face!) with follow-up visits via Skype, FaceTime or HIPAA-compliant technology. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here.



"I have known Dr. Cora for approximately six years. During that time,I have been under her care for therapy and medication management. I was referred to Dr. Cora by my psychologist. I had been to several psychiatrists for symptoms of a long standing depression, OCD, and mood swings. I am very sensitive to medications, and develop side effects within a short time. I have had to change medications many times. My symptoms were not improving and I fell into deep depression. At the same time my OCD and anxiety symptoms started to increase. The last psychiatrist that I had seen told me that there were no new medications to take, and said, "That's just as good as it's going to get for you." I refused to believe that statement. That's when my psychologist referred me to Dr. Cora.

I came to see Dr. Cora in a state of deep depression, and without much hope of getting better. Dr. Cora listened to my symptoms and was willing to try a combination of medicines that I had never taken. Dr. Cora gave me hope that it was possible to get better. I started seeing Dr. Cora for therapy and medication management. She knew the pharmacology of the medications and prescribed the lowest effective doses. Within a short period of time I started feeling better, and was on a maintenance dose of medications. Dr. Cora also exposed me to alternative forms of therapy. She recommended mindfulness practice, meditation, good nutrition, and a daily regimen of exercise. Following her prescription of these forms of therapy as well as medication has brought stability and happiness in my life.

Dr. Cora has been empathic during the low times of my life. Her positivity and professionalism have always been present in every session. She has made herself available for therapy sessions when I needed immediate care. Dr. Cora has also made herself available for therapy sessions, via phone calls and Skype.

I have been fortunate to have found a doctor and therapist like Dr. Cora. She has helped me make beneficial life changes, which have brought me happiness. I respect Dr. Cora, and owe her a debt of gratitude for my wellbeing."

MIAMI OFFICE: 8101 Biscayne Boulevard, Loft 516, Miami, FL 33138. Call 305-762-7632 to make an appointment or contact us by clicking here.

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